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WHMSonic Explained

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WHMSonic Shoutcast Admin Pro v2.1.. The easy to use control panel and built in player scripts, Makes WHMSonic a valuable addon to Web Hosting or as a stand alone streaming solution. With the new v2.1 have come many new features.

Manage Shoutcast:

With Sonic you can Start/Stop/Restart/Edit/Update your ShoutCast Radio settings.
You can select your language for your control panel.

AutoDJ Features:

(If user have access to this feature)
WHMSonic AutoDJ is great tool, allows you to setup Auto DJ to ShoutCast, auto play mp3 files, automix, shuffle and playlist features.
NOW features Playlist scheduling. AutoDJ is useful when real dj is not streaming.
With the Sonic Auto DJ feature you are able to leave the Auto DJ running, when you want to connect you just simply hit the Connect button,
Sonic Auto DJ will detect that a live incoming feed is inbound.
When this happens Sonic Auto DJ will fade out the Auto Feed and Fade in your Live Feed this is known as Xfade.
With the added bonus it too allows those who want to DJ but have poor internet connections to stream,
you can buy a 128kbps stream and Sonic will allow you to stream live at 56kbps and it will do all the hard work of transcoding the feed to the Higher Bitrate

DJ Manager:

With WHMSonic's DJ Manager feature you are able to set unique Passwords for each DJ. Keeping your main account password secure. In the event of a DJ leaving you can simply remove there DJ.
This now means you no longer have to change the main password, and get all your current DJ's to change theres also.

Online Status + Statistics:

WHMSonic liveListen script shows the radio status and statistics, now playing, current DJ to online listeners. It will also show if radio is online or offline.

Relay Features:

Manage relay options, use RelayPort and RelayServerIP to specify that you want to be a relay server.
Relay servers act as clients for another server and rebroadcast.

Download Scripts | Tools:

Users can download useful tools and others, live listen script download and usage details included. Check liveListen features list above for more details.

Bitrate Abuse Logs:

WHMSonic checking the bitrate at which the user is steaming and if they are streaming higher than the limit you provided then WHMSonic will stop that radio and inform the user via cPanel.

Intro-Backup Features:

BackupFile can specify an mp3 file that will be streamed to listeners over and over again when the source stream disconnects. This feature is useful when a DJ changes on the radio.

Bandwidth Abuse Logs:

Bandwidth usage details and abuse logs if bandwidth exceeded.

Live Listen Script + Template:

This is useful php script for your cPanel WHMSonic users with flexible, high quality graphics, supporting all players.
Configure all players from config_radio.php. Users can download this script from their cPanel WHMSonic section and they can upload it to their website or anywhere on the net.

Flash Player:

Radio listeners can listen the radio from the flashplayer without the need for other player support.

Media Player:

Radio listeners can listen with MediaPlayer on the website.


Radio listeners can listen with QuickTime on the website.


Radio listeners can listen with Winamp on the website.

Real Player:

Radio listeners can listen with Real Player on the website.

Language File:

WHMSonic LiveListen script supports the language file. You can simply translate the language file.


Easily configure everything. There is no need to edit every page. One config file for all players using config_radio.php